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Benefits on the Fringe: Pet-Friendly Work Policies

In August of 2016, my beagle Boomer was attacked by a larger dog on the street and got beat up pretty bad. She required surgery, and the final tally amounted to thousands of dollars. Any other time in my life, I would've had to dump that balance onto a credit card and try to pay it down before the interest killed me (or maybe just sell a kidney), but fortunately, my wife works at a university that offers pet insurance. We almost didn't opt into it, but I'm glad now that we did. That benefit Opens a New Window.saved not only my dog's life, but also our savings account.

Why one vet salutes NFL kneeling: Don't assume silent protests during the anthem are an affront to servicemembers

I ’m supposed to be offended. That’s what Twitter, Facebook and multiple conservative news outlets are all telling me. Why? Because I’m a veteran, and I’m told kneeling on the sidelines of a football game somehow disrespects me. I guess I don’t see it.

The veteran community is as diverse as it is large. As of 2016, there were 21.8 million veterans living in the United States, according to the Census Bureau. There are veterans of every race, religion, sexual identity and sexual orientation. Each of us has our own opinions.

What to do about a toxic corporate culture

When sexual harassment or discrimination become widespread problems, it’s usually because an organization incidentally developed a corporate culture that overlooks these behaviors. As Uber continues to weed out employees who don’t behave in responsible or ethical ways, other executives should be taking a hard look at their own organizations to make sure they aren’t enabling similar bad behavior.

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