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Felecia Stratton, Editor-in-Chief, Inbound Logistics

"If you are a busy editor like I am, finding and vetting good freelance writers can be a headache. You can avoid that pain by hiring Jason McDowell. I had the pleasure of working with Jason both as a full time writer and a contributing editor and I cannot recommend him highly enough. He has the ability to disseminate complicated, technical information in an engaging, understandable way. His writing is crisp and clean and needs little editing. And a bonus: Jason never misses a deadline. Do yourself a favor, hire Jason McDowell today."

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Matthew Kosinski, Managing Editor, Recruiter Today

"Hiring Jason to write for us was one of the best decisions we made. We've had trouble in the past with unreliable freelancers who left us in the lurch or took months to write a few simple articles, but we don't have to worry about any of that with Jason. He's a reliable writer who turns content around quickly, and he has required zero coaching from us. He understood what we were looking for right away, and he's never turned in a single article that needed extensive revisions or rewriting. It's really difficult to find talented freelance writers. We were lucky to find Jason."


Thirsty to sell regional craft beer on a global scale, Velour Imports partners with a 3PL and hops to it.

TMS software can track shipments through nearly every touch point and give shippers piece of mind.But what if we could do more? What if the supply chain transparency shippers and consumers have come to expect could extend beyond logistics providers to suppliers in every tier? 

A recently leaked Trump administration draft of the Comprehensive Infrastructure Plan provides funds to states for roads, ports, bridges, and more. But will it become a reality?

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If you want the best talent working for you, there’s one sure way to attract them: Help pay down their student loans.


Oh no. The dreaded four-o'clock meeting. Your employees have worked hard all day interacting with clients, implementing ideas, and responding to countless phone calls and emails. It's only ten minutes into the meeting and you're already losing them. Someone is nodding off in the corner. At least two more aren't hearing a word you're saying. Everyone at the table is watching the second hand on the clock tick by.

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Inbound Logistics surveys the logistics technology market to discover the latest trends and determine which providers are pioneers in their field.


As much as recruiting and hiring have changed over the years, a couple things have stayed constant and are likely to remain so: Recruiters want to know what candidates are looking for, and candidates want to make sure they don’t mess up the interview.


Inbound Logistics’ exclusive annual trucking market research report delivers shipper and trucker insights into industry challenges and trends.


Do Veterans Need College Degrees to Enter the Workforce?

Veterans usually leave military service with a stockpile of G.I. Bill benefits to help them pursue an education — but should they use these benefits?


Security. Transparency. Efficiency. These buzzwords have circled the supply chain for years as consumers demand more responsible supply chains, forcing shippers and providers to explore new ways to make these terms reality.


Despite what you may have heard, millennials aren’t so different from previous generations. Sure, they have a strong tendency to put their foot down when they don’t like something about their employer’s business practices, but is that really so bad?

President Donald Trump pledged to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate accord, but stakeholders involved with the American supply chain—often supportive of the President's business-friendly policies—aren't so ready to fall in line this time.